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Have you ever used PLR (private label rights) articles on your website or blog? If so, was that the only time you used those particular articles? Using PLR only once is a huge waste of resources! Whether you bought those articles or got them as a free bonus somewhere, you should be using them a minimum of 3 or 4 times to get the maximum mileage possible out of them. There are endless ways to use and re-use PLR articles, but here’s an easy idea you can put into action right now:

If you have 7 good PLR articles on the same topic, they probably touch on 7 different aspects of the subject – like fitness articles that give information on 7 different workout routines (weights, walking, spinning, etc.) – be sure they’re good quality articles though, no junk! Turning these articles into a good autoresponder e-course would be fast and easy – you could call it “7 Excellent Fat Burning Workout Routines”.

Now, transforming each article into an autoresponder message is easy. Just add a short and sweet introductory message at the beginning of each one. For example, on the first message you could write: “Hi [Name], thanks for signing up for my Fat Burning Workout Routines e-course! There are a TON of great fat-burning workouts that help boost your metabolism, and we’ll be exploring a handful of them over the next several days. One of my absolute favorite workout routines for fat burning is spinning.” From here the article picks up where you left off, sharing some good information about spinning. Now just do the same thing with the rest of the articles you’ll be using for the e-course – just add a short intro message, almost as if you were composing an email to a friend.

At the end of each article, I also like to include a short closing paragraph to wrap up the email: “As you can see, spinning is a great low-impact workout that still offers fantastic fat burning power.” Then I usually include a little teaser about tomorrow’s message: “Tomorrow’s workout tip is equally effective, [Name], but it’s even better if you are pressed for time. We’ll get more into that tomorrow – talk more with you then!” Then be sure to end with your name and website address. This helps you start building recognition with your reader – remember, they probably get a lot of email every day; you want them to recognize you and open yours!

If you’ve never created an e-course before, you may be wondering, what’s the point besides sharing some great information with your website visitors? Well, one great option is that you can make money with e-courses. One of the easiest ways to do that is to include a pre-sell message at the end of the e-course. This pre-sell message could promote your own product if you have one, or a product you are promoting as an affiliate. It could be an e-book, a membership to a fitness website, an audio course, or any other kind of product.

Okay – that’s one e-course, but how can you use these same articles many times over? Easy; by creating more than one e-course from them! For example, you could rework the first e-course into another e-course that targets a different market. Like, “7 Effective Fat Burning Workouts for Moms” or “7 Simple Workouts for Beginners” or “7 Strength-Building Exercises for Seniors”. There are truly endless possibilities – and you’d only have to do a tiny bit of rewriting on your intro and closing messages to rework the entire e-course. And at the end of each e-course you could promote a different product that is geared toward that specific market.

That’s not all though – you could use those very same articles and create a good opt-in bonus gift to entice subscribers to your main newsletter list. You could even turn them into videos, or audio podcasts. There are no limits to what you can do with PLR articles (except for any restrictions that came along with the license you bought, obviously). If you currently have a lot of PLR content on your hard drive, start pulling some of it out, dust it off, and use it to start making some more money today!

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