How List Building Can Explode Your Business

As an internet marketer, one of the most common phrases you will hear is “list building”. You might wonder why this idea of building a list is so important in your ability to make money as an online marketer. Many wonder why they cannot just build websites, write some copy and collect their profits. Why is it so vital that you consider building a list?

In summary, list building is when you collect the name and email address of your website visitors. You can offer a newsletter, a free product, or other enticing offer in exchange for the name and email address. You can then follow up with your subscribers to establish a relationship and offer additional value, products, and services. You will find this works with practically any target market. As an example, imagine a website that offers information on how to sleep better at night. What value can you provide to your list? If your visitors are successful in getting better sleep by following your information, you can offer all sorts of sleeping aid related products to your list.

As marketers build their lists, they often see the huge potential they have in that niche. Taking the example above, perhaps you decide to write your own ebook that will complement the one you have been selling. For example, if you have been selling an ebook titled “How to Overcome Infertility Naturally”, you might decide to write one called “Yoga Moves for Infertility”. This way, you can still sell the original book, but now you can also offer your list this accompanying book.

Assuming your list is not big, say 500 users, if you market the ebook to your list and sell it at 20 dollars you could realistically make $3000 if only 150 were to buy the book. If you did not do any other marketing or paid someone to write the book, this would literally be all your profit, just by sending an email.

So you see, list building and email marketing is a powerful method to build profits online. Your list is your market and you simply must have a list of targeted and responsive subscribers to achieve and maintain success for your online business.

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