Guide To Link Building Techniques For Internet Marketing And SEO

Webmasters should be aware of the three pillars of internet marketing and SEO practices. These three foundations are placing good keywords, quality content, and links from other places to your websites. Optimizing with keywords and quality content are generally not difficult to do for many webmasters. The hardest part is usually building links to get higher search engine rankings. In this article, you can read some tips to build links to your sites and pages.

Do not just post your links everywhere on the net without following the websites’ rules. You should also choose which websites to submit your links to. Focus on submitting your links to high ranking websites instead. Spamming the net by posting your links everywhere might also make the search engines drop your website ranking as a penalty, which is counterproductive.

The first thing you should do is interlink your pages within a site. Having links to other pages not only helps in the link building process, but also points readers to other pages that are related to the pages they read. If you have more than one website or blog, you can also interlink them to one another.

Another thing you can do is to submit your website links to directories. There are many business directories where you can submit your links for free. Focus on legitimate business directories such as local or regional business directories instead of directories filled with huge blinking ads. Craigslist is another place to submit and promote your website for free. Submitting your link to these sites also enables your business to be found when someone is looking for a product or service you provide.

Use social networking sites to promote and communicate with your customers or potential customers. Some popular networking sites are Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Twitter. Make an account and build followers and fans. Keep them updated with news about your website’s newest feature or content. Ask your followers and fans to help you spread your links around. Who knows, some of your content might go viral and bring you thousands or even millions of visitors.

Of course, you should provide content that is newsworthy and high quality to become viral so that people feel the need to share it across the web. Having engaging, easy to read, and fresh content is the key to having a viral website. This is why updating your website regularly is important. Add social networking buttons on your site so that readers can easily share your page they read when they think it is interesting with just a click away.

Advertisements will not only place your links in high ranking sites or blogs, it will also attract potential customers to your business. Aside from placing ads, you can also be a sponsor of an event, charity, or website. When you choose to participate in a charity, you will also help giving your brand a better image.

Creating links is the most time consuming of all the strategies in internet marketing and seo practices. Patience and persistence are the keys. Do not hesitate to ask for help from the experts if you feel you need them.

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