Google Website Optimizer: A Powerful Free SEO Tool

Google Website OptimizerYou can ensure that your website is search engine optimized by utilizing Google Website Optimizer.

Both website owners and users can benefit greatly from Google’s many applications and services, designed to improve seo. Your business’s website can use Google Website Optimizer to try different seo techniques in order to find the combination that works best for you. Instead of just hoping that your content is well optimized, you can let this tool help you.

Google Website Optimizer makes the once long and arduous task of testing a website for seo much faster and easier. It can also aid in ensuring that your marketing efforts are bringing in the best results possible. This service makes it easier for you to gain new customers through use of search engines.

Do you know who is visiting your company’s website and how they are arriving there? Have they clicked on a link, and if so, where was it? Do they enjoy your site’s content? Will they visit it again? Will adjusting button sizes mean an increase in sales? The tests that Google Website Optimizer runs will help you find the answers to these and other important questions related to seo.

Take a look at the following summary of the many benefits that Google Optimizer can offer your business’s seo efforts.

  • Conduct several tests simultaneously. Analyze the buttons, headlines, images, and other design elements on your site at the same time to see what kind of sales results you are getting from them. This kind of multivariate testing changes the site’s design details for each visitor so that the best designs can be identified.
  • Two variables testing. Google Website Optimizer can also test your website’s design for seo by comparing two different variables against each other and determining which produces better results.
  • Decisive data. Google Website Optimizer will monitor your data and indicate when you have a definite result. This gives you the information you need to make an informed decision as to what elements to tweak on your site, instead of playing the seo guessing game.
  • Cost. You can’t go wrong with free.

Ray Perry is an Internet marketing Executive with more than 25 years of experience. He is the Chief marketing Officer at MarketBlazer, a small business marketing company and authorized Duct Tape marketing coach. You can get more information about Google Optimizer at

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