Basic On-Page SEO Techniques

This article assumes you know what search engine optimization is and why it is important, and goes into a more in depth description of the On-Page factors of seo. Below are three of these factors.

1. Always use keyword and description meta tags.

Every page that exists on your website needs to have meta tags that are unique to the page. Meta tags are defined as HTML code that is in between tags close to the top of the page wherever you are viewing the HTML code.

The ‘keyword’ meta tag contains a comma-separated list of keywords that pertain to your website. There is no requirement for a keyword to be single words. They can be single words or even phrases that relate to the content on your web page.

For the ‘description’ meta tag, write a description of your site that would make someone want to click your link. This meta tag’s description is used by some search engines, including Google, as the text description of your site. So it’s not just for the search engine’s benefit, it’s also likely to be seen by a human and it may be the difference between that human clicking on your site’s link or another site.

2. Anywhere you place images on your website, be sure to put in an ‘alt tag’.

Anytime you place an image onto your web page your HTML code will have an optional attribute labeled as an ‘alt tag’. This means an alternative text and was originally meant for text describing what the picture was about to viewers that came upon your website. This enables those that have images turned off or are using screen readers to have an idea of what the picture is without looking at it. It also helps people find out more about your sight and increase seo.

Any alt tags that contain keywords need to relate to your site and the images they describe. Rather than just putting in “header” for the alt tag image header you can take the chance to talk about what your website is about. For example, try something like “Dog Training Header”, if your web page is about training dogs. It is wise not to overdo this but be direct and to the point so you have better seo.

3. Use header tags wisely.

Header tags like H1, H2, H3 and so on, will be used by search engines to deduce the most important keywords of your website. By using style sheets you can easily change header tags if you wish, so it is always better to use standard HTML tags rather than custom ones. Now all you need to do is put in relevant keywords in the headers you use. An H1 header should contain the primary keyword with the H2 having the secondary keyword for seo.

We’ve covered just a few basic, but very important, aspects of on-page seo in this article. This is a very good place to start if you want to improve your site’s search engine optimization. The next step in the seo process is to get quality back links to your website.

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