3 Reasons To Have Your Own Blog

BlogThe aim of every Internet business is to attract prospects and earn revenue from their traffic using various marketing strategies. There are several internet applications that are used to convert this traffic into returning visitors and customers. Tracking and monitoring tools help in improving the conversion ratio and increasing the return on invested money and time.

It’s an established fact that there are many ways to make money online despite having no product or business of your own. One of the several strategies is to earn as an affiliate for the products and services of other merchants. Although one doesn’t need a blog to make money as an affiliate, having a personal blog can be immensely more profitable in the long run. Just for starters, a blog gives you an online presence and increases your earning potential exponentially.

For this, you must know the basic functionality of the web, but you do not have to learn complex coding, like HTML, or create your own website. Considering that you can get the website, capture sites and your squeeze pages developed by website developers, you would still need them to publish fresh content and add new media files. Basic computer knowledge and a simple blogging platform will enable you to have total control on your blog.

A little time invested in learning to blog can go a long way in increasing your income significantly and making your work very interesting. Once you familiarize yourself with the fundamental principles of blogging, you can make your blog more interactive by using various widgets and adding refreshing features. If you know how to read emails and get on Facebook , Youtube or Twitter, then you already know enough about blogging.

Having a personal blog is also very rewarding because it let’s you dominate the search engines. Search engines favor new and fresh content and their software crawls your blog pages to index new content. If your blog can manage to rank on Google for your products, then you can expect a deluge of targeted traffic to your site. This can potentially transform your business profits. Although there is a learning curve before you can rank well in search engines, once you know the art, you can literally rewrite your growth curve.

Another great reason why you should have your own blog is that it lets you develop relationships with your customers and get to know them. People usually buy from those sites which they trust. A blog that is updated regularly with good information, photos and videos builds that trust and wins the loyalty of your visitors. This helps in getting sales and turning them into repeat customers. So, having a personal blog could be a great step towards financial independence.

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